Slow, Deep and Hard


Hoy se cumplen 25 años de la publicación del mítico disco debut de Type O Negative: Slow, Deep and Hard.

Josh Silver: “Amo ‘Slow, Deep and Hard’, es uno de mis discos favoritos de Type O. Creo que, líricamente, Peter estaba en llamas y eso me encanta. Es pura agresión. La producción es una mierda y es apropiada para el material. Funcionó en su conjunto, el sonido y el material son como un matrimonio. Era diarrea sónica y el nacimiento de una identidad.”

Dynamo 1997


A day like this, 19 years ago, I saw Type O Negative live for the first and only time. Of course it was a Saturday, not a fucking Tuesday. I dread Tuesdays. Anyways. I was in Holland and we were going to the Dynamo festival. I was completely clueless about the band. Sure, I had seen them around on TV and magazines but I always thought they were just a bunch of gloomy weirdos. My cluelessness only goes to prove the authenticity of my experience. There was a legion of people there eagerly waiting to see them. And as soon as they started to prep the stage and dropped the lights, the legion became one body, one soul, one spirit, and it was fixed on that stage, with that band. They took me along with them even before I knew what was going on. It was impossible to be anywhere else but there with them. It was intense. And I was completely sober, mind you.

I miss them so much.