RIP Keith Flint

I am not going to declare myself a The Prodigy die-hard fan. The dance music – rave scene is not my natural habitat, but I do like that band, and most of all, I love their album “The Fat Of The Land”. It’s an album that comes across to me as very smartly crafted. It’s full of electronic beats but it also has raw rock elements, it has catchy melodies, mathematical and ethereal at the same time, and it engages your mind, driving away anxiety and obsessive thoughts. It has saved me countless times.

So when I yesterday read the news about Keith Flint being found dead, my instant reaction was to clap my hands over my mouth as I voiced a loud “NO!” and fought back tears. I’m still in shock, to be honest. Funny how that works. Never forget the Firestarter. RIP Keith Flint.