There is no they

Podría citar varias razones para ver este vídeo al completo: “Iconoclasts – Quentin Tarantino & Fiona Apple (subtitulado español)”, pero hoy, ahora, les dejo este minuto:

And then somebody would go: “Yeah, but they wouldn’t let you.” And my answer to this (…) People have said little things like that all my life, and I’m like “Who’s THEY?”. There is nobody… I’ve given nobody that kind of authority over me to say I can’t do anything. I can do anything I want, or I can achieve. It’s up to me, I don’t ask permission. I might ask forgiveness but I don’t ask permission. There is no THEY. There. Is. No. THEY. And, by saying that there is a THEY, you are creating a THEY. – Quentin Tarantino


(Vía Támara Aalto)