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“That’s an interesting thing that you just said, about like, there may be better guitar players, etcetera. That’s not what records are about, to me. Records are about that part of it, but it’s also the lyric, it’s the feel, the sound, it’s all sorts of components. Not every great musician makes great records, so to speak. Artists make records, it’s an art form, and there’s a mystery to it. And that combination, that right combination of the people, and the song, etcetera, there’s a magic that happens. It’s something that you just can’t figure out. If there was a one way to make a record, we’d all be doing it. That’s ever changing.”

Bob Rock

Bob Rock

Another guy I find interesting is producer Bob Rock, who worked with Aerosmith, The Cult, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe, to name a few, and ended up being known as the guy who ruined Metallica.

In his own words (at about 0:33):

Their sound was way developed before I was ever involved with Metallica. I think I’ve been actually dubbed as the guy who ruined Metallica, but, you know… I didn’t. Fans get really silly sometimes, they absolutely idolise Metallica, and then they think I could somehow influence them. There’s not a chance, anything I ever did with Metallica those guys wanted to do it. All I did was to help them achieve it.

I first knew about Bob Rock through yet another cool video tape, “A year and a half in the life of Metallica”, which documents the recording of the “Black Album”. I’m not really a fan of Metallica, I must admit, but I do love this album.

If you don’t start loving Bob Rock after seeing that movie, read The lessons producers can learn from Bob Rock in “Some kind of monster” and then watch that infamous movie. He will melt your heart.

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I will start off by saying my general impression after seeing Bob Rock in A Year In The Life Of Metallica, was the word douche. He also came off as a pompous asshole anytime I saw an interview with him. However, after seeing this movie you come to understand he has the toughest job ever.