I’m not bad…


Siempre me gustó esa declaración: “No soy mala, solo me han dibujado así”. Pobre Jessica Rabbit, incapaz de escapar de su imagen. Tras pasar un par de buenos meses con pequeños, diversos y hasta el momento inofensivos problemillas de salud, y de nuevo de frente con mi querida esclerosis múltiple, la frase me viene de perlas y tengo ganas de utilizarla.

“No estoy asustada, es que me han dibujado así”.

“No estoy estresada, es que me han dibujado así”.

“No soy una hipocondríaca, es que me han dibujado así”.

“No es que no pueda explicar lo que me está pasando, es que me han dibujado así”.

“No es que sea perezosa, es que me han dibujado así”.

“No es que sea una quejica, es que me han dibujado así”.

“No es que quiera llamar la atención, es que me han dibujado así”.

Más de 15 años después del diagnóstico, de pronto me he visto de nuevo enfrentando cosas, situaciones, sentimientos que pensé que ya había superado. Las he llevado con más garbo, son años de experiencia, pero aun así han revuelto mi mundito. Me veo de nuevo evaluando modos de vida y relaciones personales, levando anclas de nuevo, saliendo al mar con rumbo desconocido y dejando atrás en el muelle todo aquello y a aquellos que no me van a acompañar. Les digo adiós con la manita.

Me ha cogido por sorpresa y aún sigo en aguas revueltas. Así que quizás me desahogue un poco por aquí estos días.


Dynamo 1997


A day like this, 19 years ago, I saw Type O Negative live for the first and only time. Of course it was a Saturday, not a fucking Tuesday. I dread Tuesdays. Anyways. I was in Holland and we were going to the Dynamo festival. I was completely clueless about the band. Sure, I had seen them around on TV and magazines but I always thought they were just a bunch of gloomy weirdos. My cluelessness only goes to prove the authenticity of my experience. There was a legion of people there eagerly waiting to see them. And as soon as they started to prep the stage and dropped the lights, the legion became one body, one soul, one spirit, and it was fixed on that stage, with that band. They took me along with them even before I knew what was going on. It was impossible to be anywhere else but there with them. It was intense. And I was completely sober, mind you.

I miss them so much.

R.I.P. Peter Steele


Hoy se cumplen 6 años de la muerte de Peter Steele. Como ya he escrito bastante sobre él y superando todo pudor, esta vez comparto un audio con un pequeño resumen de su carrera que grabé para el podcast de Metal And Rock.

Put on your makeup

“I called Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks, and we all disappeared into a strange, intense friendship bonded in death, drugs and self-destruction. Michael would sit around all day, combing his hair, putting his makeup on, taking his makeup off, and then putting it on again.

“You may really be a transvestite,” I told him one day after I went to look for him in the bathroom at the Rainbow, only to discover that he was using the ladies’ room.

“No, man,” he answered as he smeared foundation on his face. “I just like the way I look.”

“But that doesn’t mean you have to use the ladies’ room.”

“I always use the girls’ bathroom,” he told me, “because whenever I use the guys’ room, I get into a fight because someone calls me a fag for putting makeup on in the mirror.”

– Nikki Sixx –  The Dirt

Virgos are not that bad, Lemmy!

He (Nik Turner) was in Hawkwind from the beginning too, and he was one of those moral, self-righteous assholes, as only Virgos can be.

– Lemmy Kilmister – “White Line Fever


You buy the land, you get the Indians

You stick your head above the crowd and attract attention, and sometime, maybe somebody, will throw a rock at you. That’s the territory. You buy the land, you get the Indians.

– David Lee Roth