John Kalodner is a mild (ahem…) obsession of mine. His website is revamped and there’s lots of new material!

Quoted from a review written by John David Kalodner in 1975:

Sunday’s concert (a very charitable description) at the Spectrum proved to be a sad and disturbing evening for those who view rock ‘n’ roll as a viable art form. The headlining group, Aerosmith, along with two supporting rock acts, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent, put on one of the least musical spectacles seen at the hall in recent memory.


Aerosmith, the present darlings of the young mass-market, are hopefully soon to be forgotten – and the sooner the better.

In 1984 John Kalodner helped relaunch Aerosmith‘s career, and he worked with them from 1985’s “Done with mirrors” to 1997’s “Nine lives”.